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High-speed gas analysis enables emissions reductions

| By Chemical Engineering


The TDLS8100 probe-type tunable diode-laser-spectrometer (TLDS) realtime gas analyzer (photo) makes quick and accurate in situ gas-concentration measurements, eliminating the requirement for sampling and conditioning components in industrial process-heating applications. These capabilities support safety improvements, emissions reductions, optimization of fuel efficiency and yields, as well as prolonging the life of assets. The instrument is field-serviceable with no consumables or calibration required. This results in reduced installation and maintenance costs. According to the manufacturer, the single-flange design allows installation where cross-duct TDLS technology was previously not feasible due to accessibility, obstructions or budget constraints. For use in safety instrumented systems, the TDLS8100 analyzer is compliant with safety integrity level 2 (SIL 2). It is also explosion-proof for Division 1 and Zone 1 installations. — Yokogawa Corp. of America, Sugar Land, Tex.