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Separation Processes

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This high-speed separator also discharges quietly

| By Chemical Engineering



The AC separator (photo) is said to reach far higher speeds than other centrifuges, such as the decanter centrifuge. The special design of the separator permits the centrifuge to achieve gravitational ( g) forces of up to 10,000 g. Moreover, disk inserts also provide a larger clarifying surface. The combination of an expanded clarifying surface and the high g forces make it possible to separate the finest of solid particles or liquid mixtures efficiently. A particular feature of the AC separator is the Soft Shot discharge mechanism. Unlike many discharge mechanisms in which the solids discharge is acoustically perceptible as a loud bang, the Soft Shot is silent. During discharge, part of the control water stays under the piston, which means that during ejection, the piston cannot strike the bottom of the bowl. The solid is ejected in a gentle, quiet manner. — Flottweg SE, Vilsbiburg, Germany