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A highly concentrated additive that prolongs biodiesel shelf life

| By Chemical Engineering

Introduced in January, Baynox Ultra is a highly active liquid stabilizer specially designed for biodiesel made from polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as soybean and sunflower methyl esters. This easily metered additive contains a balanced bllanxess wordcloudend of highly active antioxidants and a chelator, dissolved in a “green” solvent. Thanks to the high active-ingredient content of over 40%, 200 to 500 ppm of Baynox Ultra is generally sufficient to ensure a reliable shelf life for biodiesel. As the product also remains liquid to –5°C, storage tanks and pipes do not need to be heated in winter. Another additive (Baynox Cargo), designed to stabilize biodiesel tanks in ships and ports, has also been introduced. — Lanxess AG, Cologne, Germany