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Highly reinforced low-VOC coatings

| By Chemical Engineering

Ceramic Polymer

Ceramic Polymer

This company has introduced a new range of low-VOC coatings that provide 100%-solids epoxy lining performance. The coatings are reinforced and are capable of providing longterm protection under industrially corrosive environments ranging from immersion conditions (temperatures up to 180°F) to vapor conditions (temperatures up to 250°F), says the company. The products can be applied by conventional spray or manual methods. The product line includes: SF/LF, a 100% solids high-build coating system used primarily in marine and wastewater sites; STP ep-hv, a surface-tolerant, high-viscosity, high-build coatings system; CN 1M V15H3, a nanoparticle-reinforced epoxy phenolic resin for aggressive chemical exposures; Synthofloor 8016, a low-viscosity, epoxy primer and sealer formulated to be used as a primer or augmented with clean dry silica sand and used as a sparge coat; and Synthofloor 8463, a low-viscosity, self-leveling epoxy floor coating for mild to moderate chemical resistance that also can be bulked up with clean dry silica sand to be used as a high-build, wear-resistant coating. — Ceramic Polymer GmbH, a Chesterton International Subsidiary, Roedinghausen, Germany