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Honeywell announces technologies for boosting ethylene production from naphtha

| By Scott Jenkins

Honeywell UOP (Des Plaines, Ill.; today announced an Integrated Olefin Suite (IOS) of technologies that can increase ethylene production and improve profitability when added to a naphtha steam cracker. IOS provides users with the ability to improve return on investment (ROI), increase operating profits, reduce carbon dioxide footprint and increase the level of control over byproducts, Honeywell says.

IOS features a collection of commercially proven technologies that create a step change in naphtha cracker performance. By economically improving the quality of naphtha cracker feeds, the yield of ethylene is increased and the production of lower-value byproducts are reduced.

IOS includes three main sections. The feed optimization section transforms typical naphthas into a naphtha cracker feedstock that is rich in normal paraffins. Normal paraffins increase the yield of ethylene and decrease the yield of most by-products which is expected to generate a more valuable product slate.

The co-processing section significantly increases propylene by processing propane, generated in the feed optimization section and from other feed sources, in a UOP Oleflex™ unit. When compared to processing propane in a steam cracking unit, the Oleflex process provides a much higher yield to light olefins, while also generating significant amounts valuable hydrogen.

The byproducts handling section includes additional processing solutions that can be used to increase, decrease, or eliminate the production of by-products such as butadiene, butenes and benzene to match the customer’s strategic objectives.

“The IOS is the first of its kind in the industry and creates differentiated offerings to enhance the performance of naphtha crackers and improve their competitiveness1,” said Bryan Glover, president and CEO of Honeywell UOP. “Honeywell UOP’s IOS produces a more valuable product slate, increasing light olefin production and tailoring by-products to meet your strategic objectives.”

The global ethylene market grows at ~3.5% annually, which amounts to 6-7 MM MTA increase in demand every year. There is not enough ethane to meet this growing demand and therefore, the balance of this demand can only be met by naphtha steam crackers.