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In-house nitrogen production for maximum independence

| By Chemical Engineering

Boge  Kompressoren Otto Boge

Boge Kompressoren Otto Boge

The centerpiece of this company’s line of closely tailored nitrogen-generating solutions is the N2 generator selected from the N 7 P to N 56 P range (photo). Closely tailored to the N2 demand, it delivers purity grades of up to 5.0 (99.999%). The generators can simply be connected to the existing compressed-air network. To produce N2, the generators need a supply of Class 141 purified compressed air according to ISO 8573-1 (including activated-carbon adsorber). Thanks to its modular design, it is easy to expand or retrofit the generator on site. Up to two expansion banks can be connected to each master bank. Each bank, in turn, takes up to eight discrete easy-to-fit modules. The up to 24 modules that result provide flexible nitrogen generation of between 1.3 and 265.8 Nm3/h. By combining even more of the complete systems, output can be increased to meet even higher demand. — Boge Kompressoren Otto Boge GmbH & Co. KG, Bielefeld, Germany