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HydrogenPro to construct new electrolyzer plant in Texas

| By Mary Bailey

HydrogenPro (Porsgrunn, Norway) will expand in the U.S. with a new plant in Texas with a manufacturing capacity of 500 MW. With this, HydrogenPro will take a market-leading position and become the only viable large-scale player providing high-pressure alkaline electrolyzer technology and systems.

“I am excited to announce that HydrogenPro is expanding and more than doubling our production capacity”, says CEO Tarjei Johansen.

This move will increase HydrogenPro’s manufacturing capacity to 800 MW in total and represents a major milestone in establishing a global presence. The estimated total investment will cost up to $50 million. The investment cost includes a separate advanced electrode manufacturing facility, representing a technology game changer in the HydrogenPro solutions offering. This technology is invented at HydrogenPro’s R&D department in Denmark.

The US market has been served by HydrogenPro’s European sales team for some time, which has resulted in a significant pipeline of relevant and attractive projects already in progress. The US organization will be ramped-up in parallel with the manufacturing expansion.

As the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed by Congress in August 2022 is beginning to show effects, the US has become the market leader on green hydrogen. The favorable tax scheme for producers of green hydrogen has resulted in surging demand. According to Johansen it is growing 4-6 times compared to pre-IRA figures:

  • We have great confidence in our technology and systems being an excellent fit for large-scale industrial applications, where we are now seeing an unprecedented increase in demand for green hydrogen following the IRA. Consequently, establishing a manufacturing site to serve the North American market is a natural next step in our global expansion plan, and a very exciting opportunity for our company!

The US market is HydrogenPro’s top priority, and manufacturing capacity on this continent provides a fundamental platform to succeed with the announced growth ambitions.

  • The US factory will be our bridgehead into the North American market. A key factor for us to become the leading provider of green hydrogen technology and systems is our presence across continents, securing sustainable and local supply chains”, says Johansen.

The new site is planned to have an initial capacity of 500 MW with the option to significantly scale up the capacity to several gigawatts in due time.