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Hygienic decanters designed for the food industry

| By Mary Page Bailey

The Foodec Hygiene Plus (photo) decanter comes with a range of features that have been engineered to ensure optimal hygiene levels alongside more efficient cleaning processes. There are drainage holes that lead to less residue left in the decanter centrifuge, improving overall cleanliness while reducing the potential for unscheduled downtime. In addition, the integrated cleaning-in-place (CIP) bar makes it easier to clean every part of the inside of the frame and the outside of the bowl, while the CIP feed tube makes the critical dead-end areas of the feed tube, particularly the area around the decanter feed zone and tapered cone section, easier to access. All product wetted surfaces are also designed to be a smooth as possible, reducing biofilm build-up and improving overall hygiene. — Alfa Laval AB, Lund, Sweden