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Improving Bulk-Solids Conveyor Maintenance

By Daniel Marshall, Martin Engineering |

Designing easier access to mechanical components in solids-conveying systems reduces maintenance costs and improves safety Virtually every vehicle on the road today is designed with an engine hood that can be easily opened for access to the engine, so mechanics can perform routine service and diagnose and address problems that arise during its lifespan. Without that access, cars and trucks would be nearly impossible to maintain, and service life would be short. Bulk-solids conveyor systems should be designed in much the same way, with convenient points along the length of the belt to allow technicians to inspect its condition, perform service as needed and help prevent catastrophic failure. After nearly a century of working with bulk handlers all over the world, experts have discovered that “maintenance access” is a common element for both safety and productivity across all industries (Figure 1). By adding safe, easy access and monitoring in the design phase, equipment can be better maintained using less labor, leading to reduced downtime. This is reflected in the cost of operation, offering a better overall return on investment. Unfortunately, this type of access is often overlooked when engineering conveyor systems — until…
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