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Increased production of Plexiglas sheets in the fight against Covid-19

| By Gerald Ondrey

Due to the impact of the global spread of coronavirus, effective measures for its containment are needed now more than ever. This is somewhere Plexiglas sheets, the original acrylic glass from Röhm GmbH (Weiterstadt Germany;, can make an important contribution. In many countries they are currently being used as transparent separator walls at points of sale and store or customer counters to minimize the risk of droplet inflections and to break infection chains.

Demand for Plexiglas acrylic sheets has risen sharply in the past few weeks as a result. Röhm responded immediately and scaled up production at its side Weiterstadt. At the same time, further measures have been taken to protect production staff from potential infection.

Thanks to its unique production network, Röhm has secure and reliable access to raw materials and primary products for Plexiglas sheet products. This means the company is in a position to respond quickly and flexibly to the increased demand on the market. All raw materials and the Plexiglas sheets for protective walls are produced in Germany.

Whether installed permanently or in the form of mobile partition walls for effective infection protection, Röhm’s premium acrylic brand Plexiglas offers long-established advantages and properties. It is impact resistant, easy to fabricate, does not yellow even after many years of use, combines safety with aesthetics. The properties apply only to the original Plexiglas This is what sets it aside from other transparent plastics which are falsely marketed under the name Plexiglas.

Plexiglas sheet for transparent separator walls is also available in a special version which is scratch-resistant on one side with increased chemical resistance.