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Industry’s first ‘four-in-one’ compact flowmeter

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The new Rosemount 8800 Quad Vortex flowmeter (photo) is specifically designed to meet stringent safety standards in environments and applications that require safety instrumented systems (SIS). The flowmeter is said to be the first in the industry with quadruple sensors and transmitters to meet safety integrity level (SIL) requirements. Consisting of multiple independent sensors in an all-welded meter body, the compact device provides built-in redundancies for added safety without introducing intentional leak points. The meter reduces piping needs threefold by eliminating the additional flanges and pipe runs required for the installation of multiple flowmeters in a redundant flow-measurement installation. With the ability to meet measurement challenges where space is limited, and safety is crucial, the Rosemount 8800 Quad Vortex flowmeter accomplishes the same task as four separate meters, without needing impulse lines that might clog. — Emerson, St. Louis, Mo.