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Innophos upgrades production facility for calcium phosphates

| By Mary Bailey

Innophos (Cranbury, N.J.) announced a significant upgrade in its production facility for EC (European Commission) grade calcium phosphates. This capital investment is a strategic move to meet the growing demand in the EU food and dietary supplement markets.

This investment at Innophos’ Chicago Heights, Ill. production facility will result in greater manufacturing flexibility and is set to enhance the company’s ability to supply high-quality, EC grade calcium phosphates, long known for their purity, consistency, and compliance with stringent European regulatory standards.

Migue DeJong, Commercial Director, stated, “This investment reflects our commitment to providing our European customers with top-tier products and services. We recognize the growing need for high-quality calcium phosphates in the food, health, and wellness industry, and we are poised to meet this demand with our enhanced production capabilities.”

Calcium phosphates are essential ingredients in dietary supplements, food and beverage products, and infant food and formula contributing to bone health and overall well-being. Innophos’ EC grade calcium phosphates are specifically designed to blend seamlessly into various formulations, offering excellent bioavailability and stability.