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Install these rupture discs where atmospheric discharge occurs

| By Chemical Engineering

The WMP (welded muffled plug) rupture-disc assembly is a single-use unit that is threaded into a pressure system. Designed to relieve the pressure of the process media in an overpressure condition, the unit protects equipment, personnel and the environment from catastrophic failure of pressure equipment or systems. It is designed for applications where atmospheric discharge occurs at the rupture-disc location. The WMP is a solid-metal tension-acting rupture disc that is welded to a threaded outlet body and inlet ring with a bubble-tight seal. The outlet body has a hexagon-shaped head with six holes to reduce reaction forces after the rupture disc has burst. These assemblies are simple to install into a threaded port and are not sensitive to torque. They may be used over a broad temperature range for many applications, including actuators, pumps, braking systems and accumulators. — Continental Disc Corp., Liberty, Mo.