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Integrate safety and ergonomics in these ribbon blenders

| By Mary Page Bailey

Designed to minimize risk and maximize productivity, this company’s ribbon blenders (photo) meet OSHA standards with safety shaft guards (no external moving parts) and limit switches that prevent operation of the agitator when any cover or manway is open. In addition, safety grating can be installed on dedicated charge ports or across the entire blender opening for extra protection and to make it easier for operators to dump bags of dry raw material into the blender. The optional safety grating is highly customizable to provide a tailored solution to the operator’s needs. For example, a 5-ft3 blender (photo) features a special three-piece grate designed with an angled and pitched profile in lieu of flat surfaces. This provides a more rigid structure and more open area in the grating to improve the rate of loading. Powders are less likely to accumulate on the pitched surfaces, reducing the amount of sweeping required by the operator. All three sections of the grating have position sensors that interlock with the control panel, ensuring operator safety while running. — Charles Ross & Son Company, Hauppauge, N.Y.