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Intelligent flow converter for safety applications

| By Gerald Ondrey

The new IFC 400 electromagnetic flow converter (photo) combines with this company’s Optiflux 4000 to create the Optiflux 4400 electromagnetic flowmeter. The IFC 400 helps detect external influences, such as excessive vibration, temperature extremes and magnetic field effects, and also detects process influences like chemicals and excessive sedimentation in the liquid. To detect these influences, the IFC 400 has a self-diagnostic function covering three aspects: process conditions, device functioning and out-of-specification testing. The process measurement check detects leakages, contamination, liner deformation and air entrainment in the process liquid. The device function self-check continuously monitors electronics and sensor hardware. Out-of-specification testing detects any sudden unexplained flow changes, linearity issues and uncertain measurements. — Krohne Inc., Beverly, Mass.