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These interlocks withstand temperatures over 1,800°F

| By Chemical Engineering

Smith Flow Control

Smith Flow Control

In recent tests, the GL and QL interlocks withstood temperatures of up to 1,830°F (1,000°C). Performed by Score Group plc, the tests found the QL and GL to be compliant with the temperatures and conditions specified in API Standard 607 6th Edition — 2010 and ISO 10497:2010. The tests verified that, in the event of a fire, the hardware will continue to function and the integrity of the locking mechanism will be maintained. During the test, the lock had one key inserted and one free; following cooldown, the lock remained secure on the valve. Only when the other key was inserted could the lock be moved to the open/closed position, as should happen. — Smith Flow Control USA, Erlanger, Ky.