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Introducing CE Voices

| By Dorothy Lozowski

As we continue to bring a variety of articles and news to the pages of Chemical Engineering, we also offer a growing online presence with additional resources for our readers to stay in touch with what is going on in the chemical process industries (CPI).

Many of you are already familiar with our website, with its up-to-date Latest News items, exclusive articles and much more. We have recently added a new feature called CE Voices.


CE Voices

CE Voices is a series of short video interviews. These insightful conversations led by our editors cover a broad range of topics that are of interest to professionals in the CPI. Our first group of videos, which you can currently find on our website (; type “CE Voices” into the search box), includes the following topics. We hope you find them interesting and useful.

Industry Analysis from Deloitte — Duane Dickson, vice chairman and U.S. Oil, Gas & Chemicals sector leader for Deloitte Consulting LLP, discusses topics related to a recent mid-year analysis from Deloitte on the outlook for the oil, gas and chemical industries. Dickson addresses how the CPI is pivoting production to meet specific needs caused by the pandemic and considerations that will continue to affect production — like consumption changes that may create new demands, and changes in travel patterns that are influencing fuel needs. The interview touches on the topics of trade tensions and the continued commitment of the CPI to sustainability goals. Dickson outlines some of the longterm effects he expects from the current pandemic, including changes to the way we work, an acceleration of technology and an overall increased speed to commerce.

Improving Plastics Recyclability — Brands and consumers are putting more emphasis on the recyclability of plastic products and manufacturers are committed to pursuing a circular economy. Alan Schrob is the consumer and industrial films group manager for NOVA Chemicals’ polyethylene business. In this interview, he explains NOVA Chemicals’ development of a resin that is used to make biaxially oriented polyethylene, which enables the manufacture of a multilayer film for food packaging, among other applications, that is recyclable. Schrob explains the significance of the development, which allows for good physical performance like heat resistance and stiffness for consumer packaging.

Neste’s Sustainability Strategy —Theodore Rolfvandenbaumen, communications manager for Neste U.S., discusses Neste’s goals to fight climate change and air pollution by producing advanced biofuels from renewable, sustainably sourced materials. The company’s recent acquisition of Mahoney Environmental, which collects and recycles cooking oil, is an important step in its growth strategy. Rolfvandenbaumen explains how the company follows strict standards for their suppliers to ensure that their raw materials are sustainably and responsibly sourced.

The Challenges of Turndown — In this video, Rajiv Narang, director of the Process Economics Program at IHS Markit, discusses challenges that facilities may face when running plant equipment at turndown, and what steps can be taken to avoid potential problems. This video interview is a follow-up to Narang’s recent Chemical Engineering Online Exclusive article on the same topic. ■

Dorothy Lozowski

Dorothy Lozowski, Editorial Director