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JGC awarded FEED contract for green hydrogen and methylcyclohexane project in Malaysia

| By Mary Bailey

JGC Corp. (Yokohama, Japan) was awarded the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for a green hydrogen and methylcyclohexane (MCH) production plant in Malaysia by ENEOS Corp.  and Sumitomo Corp. .

ENEOS and Sumitomo, in collaboration with SEDC Energy, a company operated by the state government of Sarawak, Malaysia, are planning to establish a CO2-free hydrogen supply chain in which the CO2-free hydrogen produced using electricity from renewable energy sources from hydroelectric power plants is converted to MCH*, one of the most efficient forms of hydrogen transportation, for marine transportation to sites in Japan.

The green hydrogen plant will produce approximately 90,000 tons of CO2-free hydrogen per year for conversion to MCH. Of the hydrogen produced, 2,000 tons per year will be supplied to local users.

JGC has consistently provided support for this project, starting from the feasibility study. It is believed that JGC’s outstanding engineering technology and project execution capabilities were highly evaluated, leading to the award of the FEED.

Currently, numerous projects in the sustainable sector, including hydrogen and fuel ammonia, are planned not only in Malaysia but also in other countries. By successfully completing this FEED, the JGC Group will contribute to its clients’ business expansion in the sustainable sector, including hydrogen and ammonia, and ultimately to the realization of a decarbonized society.