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JGC awarded study project for CCU project utilizing cement-plant exhaust in Thailand

| By Mary Bailey

JGC Corp. (Yokohama, Japan) has been awarded by Siam Cement Group – Cement and Green Solution Business (SCG – CGS), one of the largest cement manufacturers in Thailand, the Pre-Feasibility Study (Pre-FS) for a Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilization (CCU) facility related to cement plant exhaust.

Cement production is known as an industry with high CO2 emissions, along with power generation and iron and steel production, as it involves the combustion of limestone, which contains carbon and oxygen. With the global demand for CO2 emissions reduction, the cement industry in Thailand is facing the urgent need to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Pre-FS for the awarded CCU facility calls for selection of the technology license for CCU, evaluation of the required production capacity of CO2 capture facilities and chemical plants, as well as assessment of economic feasibility, to construct a CCU facility for the capture of CO2 emitted from SCG’s cement plant and convert it to new chemical products prior to atmospheric release.

SCG – CGS, as a leading corporate group in Thailand, is promoting and strengthening the transition to a circular business model and contributing to the Thai government’s “2050 Carbon Neutral” target. The JGC Group has been awarded the Pre-FS for a pilot-scale project as a result of SCG – CGS prioritizing decarbonization technology in order to respond to climate change. This project is one of several strategies that SCG has explored in its pursuit of achieving net zero emissions with inclusive green growth.

In addition to supporting the realization of this Project for the future EPC phase, the JGC Group will continue to study and propose CCU-related technologies and economically viable business models for industries in Thailand facing CO2 emission reduction challenges, for the realization of a decarbonized society.