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Kurita acquires Canadian water-treatment company Keytech

| By Mary Bailey

Kurita Water Industries Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) announces that it acquired 100% of the equity interests of Keytech Water Management (Ontario, Canada), a Canadian company that manufactures and sells water treatment chemicals and equipment systems, through Kurita Canada, Inc.

The eastern region of Canada around Ontario where Keytech is located is a major industrial cluster, home to a wide range of manufacturing industries, including Japanese enterprises. Over its 40-year history, Keytech has built a production and sales structure deeply rooted in the Ontario region, providing solutions that combine water treatment chemicals with equipment systems to help save water and reduce CO2 emissions across a wide range of industries including biofuels, healthcare, comfort heating and cooling, and food & beverages. By using Keytech’s customer base and sales network, the Kurita Group plans to expand its water treatment chemicals sales and services network from Western Canada to Eastern Canada. Moreover, by combining its products, technologies and services with those of Keytech, the Kurita Group hopes to create synergies and advance its proposal of solutions, further accelerating business expansion in Canada.

To bolster its global four-region structure, moving forward the Kurita Group will advance efforts to optimize its business portfolio and develop business foundations in each geographical area around the world. The Group will also seek to expand growth opportunities through M&A activities, tie-ups with strategic partners and similar endeavors while developing increased intimacy with customers by providing them with comprehensive solutions that create new value.