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Launch of a new generation of decanter centrifuges

| By Chemical Engineering

Andritz Separation

Andritz Separation

This new generation of decanter centrifuges (photo) will complement this company’s existing A-series for industrial, F-series for food and D-series for environmental applications. A key advantage of the new decanters is scalability that can be modified according to users’ requirements. This allows maximum flexibility in adjusting standardized machines to meet individual challenges without the risks and costs associated with customized prototype solutions. Capacities range from small to large, and the units handle temperatures from –80 to 180°C, pH-values from 1 to 10 and pressures of up to 6 bars. The decanter centrifuges can be used for slurries or sludge in the feed, and can process many different kinds of slurries, ranging from food to abrasive minerals, from sticky to dusty and from light- to heavy-density material. — Andritz Separation, Graz, Austria