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Leak detector for easy and accurate ‘sniffing’ operations

| By Chemical Engineering

Pfeiffer Vacuum

This company has launched the ASM 306 S (photo), which addresses any industrial leak-detection “sniffing” applications, especially in refrigeration and air-conditioning processes. This new leak detector is highly sensitive (10 –7 mbar L/s), precise and accurate. Leakage control using sniffing measurements before the final refrigerant gas charge is one of the last steps of the production process. This requires the highest testing reliability to increase productivity and quality levels. The ASM 306 S helps to meet those challenges. The product combines the advantages of a proven technology regarding sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability. The ASM 306 S has been designed to offer fast and repeatable measurements, whether He or H2 is used as the tracer gas. — Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH, Asslar, Germany