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Lighting design for calculated efficiency

| By Chemical Engineering

R. Stahl

This company offers customized, optimized concepts for illuminating workspaces in accordance with EN 12464-1/-2, focused particularly on providing expertise in the switch to energy-efficient LED technology. The design includes all the relevant parameters and follows strict requirements as set out in the workplace directive, including illuminance, luminous efficacy and beam angle for uniform, glare-free illumination, as well as the correlated color temperature. The number, position and orientation of light fittings can be precisely matched to the room geometry, as well as the user’s requirements and behavior. Solutions can be developed for a single workplace, as well as for large-scale emergency lighting systems and safety lighting. Proprietary, in-house-developed 3-D models (photo) are used to visualize the position and size of walls, fittings, fixtures, furnishings and any other equipment, and to simulate shadows and reflections. These models can then be rendered to generate photorealistic images. — R. Stahl AG, Waldenburg, Germany