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Lights with reduced blue content for special applications

| By Chemical Engineering

R. Stahl

R. Stahl

For certain fields of application in the pharmaceutical industry and in photograph development, where a high blue content in light might compromise the quality of the products, this company offers durable, maintenance-free alternatives in the product portfolio; for example, the light-emitting diode (LED) tubular light fittings Series 6036 (photo). Through targeted conversion of the emission spectrum of the LEDs, Light fitting variants with a very low color temperature of about 1,700K are available. With such a minimized blue content, they achieve twice as much efficiency as filtered fluorescent lamps. The light, which is shifted spectrally into the yellow, preserves a certain color rendering, so that color differences and contrasts remain clearly visible. These energy-efficient light fitting variants are also suitable for replacing conventional sodium-vapor lamps and remain reliably operational even in extreme temperature conditions ranging from –55 up to 60°C. The Series 6036 is available with IP66/68 protection, and lengths of 75, 110 and 140 cm, with a service life of up to 100,000 h. — R. Stahl, Waldenburg, Germany