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Lightweight, corrosion-resistant cyclones for water treatment

| By Mary Page Bailey

HN Series Hydro Cyclones (photo) are designed to separate sand and other solids from water using centrifugal force. HN Series Hydro Cyclones are suitable for use in pre-filtration applications in membrane water-treatment systems. The HN Series is offered in three sizes. The 1-in. cone is made of glass filled polyamide (PAG), while the 2- and 3-in. cones are made of glass filled polypropylene (PPG). Plastic construction means that these units are lightweight and resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Water enters the filter tangentially to the cone body and is accelerated by circular motion. The sand or other solids are pushed against the cone side walls and by centrifugal force and settle into a bleed tank while clear water flows up through the central outlet. The tank may be flushed occasionally using the supplied ball valve. — Chemline Plastics Ltd., Thornhill, Ont., Canada