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These limit switches require no batteries

| By Chemical Engineering

Steute Industrial Controls

Steute Industrial Controls

This company’s line of wireless limit switches (photo) feature an internal electrodynamic energy generator — no battery is required. Displacement of the actuator generates power to send a uniquely coded signal to one or more compatible, easily-programmed receivers. If the limit switch does not receive the confirmation signal within 15 ms, it transmits a second signal. The receiver accepts up to 10 discrete signals per channel. With a transmission range of 40 m indoors and 450 m outdoors, the switches are available for operation at 915 MHz (for use in the U.S, Canada and Australia) or 868 MHz for use in Europe. A variety of actuator styles are available, including roller plunger, roller lever, rocker lever, spring rod and more. — Steute Industrial Controls, Inc., Ridgefield, Conn.