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Linde expands manufacturing capacity for fluorine-nitrogen mixtures at Oregon site

| By Mary Bailey

The Linde Group (Munich, Germany; is investing in the expansion of existing products to improve business continuity planning (BCP), while adding new products with improved purity to meet the growing needs of sub-10-nm semiconductor factories and advanced flat panel manufacturers.Linde has expanded capacity for fluorine/nitrogen mixtures at Medford, Oregon for etching and chamber cleaning applications. This allows both low- and high-pressure fluorine and nitrogen mixture production and onsite high-purity fluorine production minimizes third-party supply issues. Furthermore, the product line is expanding to include fluorine/argon mixtures in place with tri-mix capability (fluorine/argon/nitrogen) later in 2018. This facility complements fluorine mixture production at Linde’s Alpha, New Jersey facility.

New elements of innovation continue to emerge in various precursor products, such as high-volume supply capabilities. Linde is developing deposition precursors and etch gases, including silicon precursors, digermanium mixtures, high K and metal gate precursors, isotope gases and etch gases, such as CF3I (trifluoroiodomethane) and custom fluorinated silane.

“Linde recognizes that our customers continue to make investments in new processes and technologies, and we are committed to investing with them for the materials they will require now and in the future,” states Matt Adams, Head of Sales and Marketing for Linde Electronics and Specialty Products.