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LIST Technology announces breakthrough in textile recycling

| By Mary Bailey

 At the International Conference on Cellulose Fibers in Cologne, LIST Technology AG (Arisdorf, Switzerland) presented world’s first Lyocell T-Shirt from 100% pulp from recycled textiles – made possible by the use of LIST KneaderReactor technology.

LIST Technology’s recycled-materials-based shirt (Source: LIST)

The recycled textiles came from post-consumer sources and the T-Shirt is fully recyclable. The fiber tenacities are said to be superior, compared to wood-based Lyocell fibers. This is due to the superior cellulose properties of cotton in the recycled textiles, which generates pulp which still can be processed at 100% due to LIST’s high viscosities capabilities. The recyclability refers to textiles from cotton or polycotton, but also to textiles from Lyocell fibers from recycled textiles. The process has been demonstrated at a semi-industrial scale.

“Pulp from recycled textiles is not new. Lyocell with a minority portion of pulp from recycled textiles is not new. The break-through refers to the 100% of pulp from recycled textiles for Lyocell. This is a very important step on the path towards a sustainable textile industry, as it means sustainability without compromise on quality !” Manuel Steiner says, heading LIST’s Business Development.