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Lloyd’s Register unveils AllAssets to digitalize inspection and maintenance for the oil-and-gas sector

By Gerald Ondrey |

Lloyd’s Register (LR; www.lr.org), a leading global provider of engineering and technology-centric professional services, today launched AllAssets, an innovative SaaS-based Asset Performance Management (APM) platform, making optimization for inspection and maintenance a reality.

As organizations strive to maximize asset availability and reduce costs, the risk of unplanned maintenance or asset failure rises. Against a backdrop of an evolving asset performance management sector, AllAssets has been engineered to deliver greater certainty, operational efficiencies and cost savings. Its configurability, interoperability and rapid deployment supports the drive towards a more effective maintenance optimization strategy.

The first in a series of planned software releases, AllAssets delivers a suite of exciting features and capabilities. Chief among these are LR’s ground breaking model builder and ERP system integration (such as SAP and IBM Maximo).  The ability to build custom models in days rather than months using code-free techniques brings immediate benefits. Once built, the custom models can rapidly provide new performance and risk insights that better inform teams across an enterprise. Increased knowledge sharing and productivity between different teams and disciplines are some of the measurable benefits that may accrue. The efficient data link with ERP systems further drives operational efficiencies, through greater clarity and certainty in the maintenance and planning schedules.

“As organizations seek to do more with less, so the need for certainty, clarity and assurance becomes ever more critical. AllAssets has been developed in response to this and draws on LR’s extensive industry knowledge, engineering prowess and integrity and risk management experience. In many ways our expertise is embedded into the platform. Behind all the processes and schedules lie the skills and insights of individuals and teams tasked with managing the maintenance schedules. AllAssets empowers these individuals to rapidly capture and apply their practical knowledge and insights via the custom build models to optimize their maintenance operations,” says Tim Bisley, senior vice president Software, LR.

A conflux of fiscal, regulatory & technology issues has driven a need for more dynamic and imaginative solutions that can underpin asset risk and performance management strategies. Consequently, LR’s approach has focused on engineering a highly ‘user-customable’ software platform that is built to support process and individuals to modify processes to suit the needs of the technology. Engineered from the ground up, AllAssets offers a robust yet agile digital platform to better assess, prioritize, manage and maintain complex fixed assets whilst delivering operational efficiencies and cost savings.

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