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These long submersible pumps are hermetically sealed

| By Chemical Engineering

Two of this company’s eight-stage, sealless canned-motor pumps from the TCAM 30/4+4 series (photo) have recently been supplied as a replacement for conventional submersible pumps. The pumps are designed for easy installation in an existing tank. The supplied submersible pumps are the longest pumps that this company has ever produced, with an immersion depth of more than 15 m, and a pump shaft of only 1 m. The submersible pumps, in tandem design, convey the medium (NH 3) at a temperature of –33°C, with a delivery head of 260 m at a flowrate of 12 m³/h. The pump units are designed for a nominal pressure of 40 bars. The drive unit’s hermetically sealed design enables complete immersion in the vessel or tank. Only the discharge pipe and the electrical connection are routed through the tank cover via the manhole plate and out of the vessel. — Hermetic-Pumpen GmbH, Gundelfingen, Germany