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This low-consumption steam trap can be installed in any position

| By Tracey Lilly



The Gestra BK37-5 thermostatic bimetallic steam trap (photo) does not consume live steam during operation and can save up to 0.9 kg/h of steam consumption when compared to thermodynamic and inverted-bucket steam-trap technologies, says the company. The BK37-5 is designed for pressures from 10 to 650 psi, and is suitable for both saturated and superheated steam. Its normally open function allows for automatic air venting and high-ratio startup, and the trap’s operation is unaffected by pipeline orientation, allowing it to be installed in any position. The BK37-5 also features the field-proven BK46 regulator, which is not affected by waterhammer or ambient conditions. — Flowserve Corp., Irving, Tex.