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Low-profile enclosures provide maximum mounting space

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

PolySlim low-profile enclosures (photo) accommodate existing panel designs, eliminate unneeded depth and material, optimize installations and save space. The low-profile design of PolySlim enclosures makes them suitable for use on building exteriors and in tight spaces. They protect equipment in non-hazardous industrial applications where space is a premium, and safeguard network components, such as routers and switches, in harsh conditions. PolySlim enclosures are well-suited for electrical control, wireless communications, measurement, monitoring and security applications with minimal-depth equipment. PolySlim polycarbonate enclosures are available in seven sizes and can be configured with a hinged-screw cover or a hinged-latched cover. PolySlim enclosures feature a nonmetallic hinge that does not penetrate the inside of the enclosure. Thick and smooth side-wall construction eliminates flexing and maximizes fitting mounting space. Additional benefits of PolySlim enclosures include inhibitors that protect against ultraviolet degradation. — Stahlin, Belding, Mich.