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These luminaires havea DALI interface

| By Chemical Engineering

R. Stahl

This company has expanded its product range, adding modern explosion-protected lighting systems equipped with Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALl; photo). The new EXLUX variants correspond to the DALI standard according to IEC 62386 and are specifically designed for consistent lighting management for general and emergency lighting, even up to Zone 1 explosion protection. As well as safety and emergency lighting, the range includes durable, energy-efficient linear luminaires that can be installed as ceiling, pendant or pole-mounted light fittings. These luminaires, from the EXLUX 6002/4, 6402/4, 6009/4 and 6409/4 ranges, are designed to function for over 100,000 operating hours at a maximum ambient temperature of 60°C. Thanks to the use of bidirectional DALI communication, around 200 programmable commands can be configured, allowing operators to set different intensity values and dimming behavior for individual light fittings or luminaire groups. — R. Stahl, Waldenburg, Germany