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Lummus Technology opens water-treatment R&D facility in Texas

| By Mary Bailey

Lummus Technology (Houston) announced the opening of its cutting-edge research and development (R&D) facility dedicated to advancing its Zimpro suite of water and wastewater treatment technologies. Officially named the Lummus Green Circle Labs and located in La Porte, Texas, the facility will focus on enhancing commercial value and versatility and accelerating innovation in Lummus’ water and wastewater technology.

“When we added Zimpro to our portfolio last year, we expanded our offering for sustainable and integrated solutions that support our customer’s waste reduction and energy efficiency goals,” said Ujjal Mukherjee, Chief Technology Officer, Lummus Technology. “By opening the Green Circle Labs we are enhancing Lummus’ R&D capabilities and strengthening our innovation ecosystem. This is a significant investment in advancing the Zimpro technology, enabling us to deliver even more impactful solutions to our customers worldwide among which PFAS destruction technology.”

In 2023, Lummus acquired the Zimpro wet air oxidation technology and PACT system plus the associated intellectual property, pilot plants and lab equipment. These technologies offer several environmental solutions over traditional treatment methods, including:

  • Destruction of harmful contaminants such as PFAS, also known as forever chemicals.
  • Conversion and destruction of elevated waste streams, while minimizing the generation of secondary waste streams.
  • Reuse of municipal sludge to produce products or energy.
  • Elimination of less environmentally friendly treatment technologies like incineration with energy efficient non-combustion options like Wet Air Oxidation.

In addition to the Green Circle Labs located at the Bayport Industrial Complex in La Porte, Texas, Lummus has three strategically located facilities in the U.S. and Europe. These facilities offer advanced R&D, analytical labs, manufacturing of proprietary equipment and catalysts, pilot plants, testing and modeling, and other services that help Lummus develop, commercialize and improve its technologies.