Maximize energy recovery from sludge-handling processes

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HRS Heat Exchangers

The DTR Series of double-tube heat exchangers (photo) is designed specifically for use with low-viscosity sludge products as the heating or cooling medium. This configuration makes DTR exchangers suitable for direct sludge-to-sludge heat recovery in wastewater-treatment operations. The DTR Series performs well with fluids that contain particles, without creating blockages that impede flow. Special stainless-steel corrugated tubes are used to increase heat transfer and reduce fouling. This allows the product or waste stream to run in both the inner and outer tubes. It also allows for easier and faster cleaning, so overall there is less operational downtime, even with high-fouling products. The inner tube of the exchanger is removable for inspection, cleaning and maintenance, meaning that both the tube- and shell-sides can be inspected and cleaned. For large installations, multiple units can be interconnected and mounted in a frame. — HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd., Hertfordshire, U.K.


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