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Chemical Engineering

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Measure density and concentration with gamma radiation

| By Mary Page Bailey

The InlineSENS (photo) density measuring system combines both a radiation source and scintillation detector in one device. Its use of low-energy gamma radiation from an Am-241 or Cm-244 source provides for strong responses to even the slightest change in product composition, with extremely low dose rates. Both isotopes used as the radiation source have very low radiation energies, which correspond approximately to the energy of X-rays. The InlineSENS offers high statistical accuracy and long-term stability by using a highly sensitive scintillation detector with patented drift compensation. The measuring system, which is made entirely of stainless steel, is permanently flanged to the pipeline and continuously measures the product density of liquids, suspensions, slurries and bulk solids. Depending on the existing pipeline, various flange and product pipe options are available, including DIN flanges, ASA flanges and threaded connections between DN 40 and 65. — Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co.KG, Bad Wildbad, Germany