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Measure temperature and flow with a single sensor

| By Chemical Engineering



New FlexFlow process sensors (photo) are based on a calorimetric measurement principle that enables the monitoring of both flowrate and velocity in addition to media temperature in a single instrument. The combination of two measuring functions in a single sensor reduces the number of measuring points required in closed systems and therefore minimizes installation costs, service and storage. The FlexFlow range includes the PF20H and PF20S options, which are suitable for hygienic and industrial applications. The IO-Link enables users to simultaneously configure several sensors, which simplifies point adjustment for different process stages during setup or for batch changeover. FlexFlow sensors are designed to enable diagnostic data polling and process evaluation at all times, which helps to maximize system uptime. All the sensors in the FlexFlow range are temperature resistant to 150ºC and clean-in-place (CIP) and steam-in-place (SIP) capable. — BaumerLtd., Swindon, U.K.