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Measure uneven bulk solids with these ultrasonic level sensors

| By Chemical Engineering

Omega Engineering

Omega Engineering

LVTX-10 Series close-range ultrasonic distance and level sensors (photo) are low-profile ultrasonic transmitter modules optimized to provide continuous measurement of fluids, pastes or uneven solid bulk materials in constrained working zones. Incorporating dual-sensor ultrasonic technology and processing algorithms, all LVTX-10 sensors provide accurate measurement for factory automation, warehouse materials control, pipe and conveyor belt blockage, or tank level applications with non-uniform surfaces. LVTX-10 sensors include an advanced diagnostic feature that will retrieve the ultrasonic waveform for analysis, and display it on any computer to aid users with debugging complex installations. For solid materials, surface unevenness is unlikely to affect maximum ranging capability, says the company. An integrated mounting plate with pre-formed holes is provided for easy installation. — Omega Engineering Inc., Stamford, Conn.