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A metering pump for low-pressure ranges

| By Chemical Engineering



The Ecodos diaphragm metering pump (photo) is mechanically driven, rather than hydraulically driven. Due to its simple construction, it operates without hydraulic oil and can also be used for sensitive applications in the pharmaceutical field. Fluids that would react with hydraulic oil can be metered just as safely. In principle, it is suitable for virtually all metering and pumping tasks in the low-pressure range. The Ecodos, as a single-drive unit with a space-saving, vertically attached motor, delivers a flowrate of 0.4 to 1,500 L/h per pump head and a maximum discharge pressure of 20 bars. Its multiplex capability also enables additional areas of application, for which multiple drive units with identical or different output capacities are ideally suited, particularly for low-pulsation pumping, recipe metering and mixing tasks. — Lewa GmbH, Leonberg, Germany