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Microscope for automatic filter-patch analysis as per ISO 4407

| By Chemical Engineering



At Hanover Fair 2017, this company will introduce an optical microscope image-analyzing system designed to analyze fluids that can prove problematic for automatic particle counters, such as emulsions and dark fluids. The FastPatch 2 GO microscope system (photo) analyzes the entire effective filtration area of a filter membrane according to ISO 4407. Fluid cleanliness can be monitored through optical particle counting. The FastPatch 2 GO system analyzes particles trapped on the surface of the filter membrane and measures the length and width of each individual particle. The user can capture images of any particles of interest on the filter membrane and add them to the end report with the dimensions of each particle displayed. The end report also includes an overview of the entire effective filtration area analyzed depicting the chosen particles location on the filter patch. It takes less than 5 min to analyze a filter patch with a 25-mm dia., and the system incorporates a polarizing option for the analysis of specific particle properties. — Pamas – Partikelmess- und Analysesysteme GmbH, Rutesheim, Germany