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Miniature solenoid valves for critical fluid control

| By Chemical Engineering

Lee Products

Lee Products

The LFV Series 8000 two-way inert solenoid valve (photo) is a miniature device whose small size ensures a more compact instrument footprint and means less fluid is needed, enabling closer valve spacing. These two-way, chemically inert, isolation-style valves provide an on/off function in a critical fluidic circuit, ensuring zero dead volume and extremely low internal volume. They incorporate a diaphragm seal that isolates the fluid from the inner components to provide a consistently reliable switching performance. They are also rated for bi-directional flow and feature a contoured path design, which allows for complete flushing capability. The valves are available with push-on ports for soft tubing or two-manifold mount styles, which now utilize O-rings instead of gaskets made from the same material as the diaphragm. — Lee Products Ltd., Gerrards Cross, U.K.