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Mixing, coating and drying with high-performance mixers

| By Chemical Engineering

MTI Mischtechnik International

MTI Mischtechnik International

When surfaces of inorganic components have to be homogeneously and reproducibly coated with functional coatings in batch processes, high-performance universal mixers of the Uni tec series (photo) are said to offer significant advantages over conventional systems. The Uni tec mixers produce a 3-D mixing vortex without any dead spots in which the entire material to be mixed is fluidized. The result is maximum homogenization with minimum time and energy consumption. All Uni tec mixers are suitable for vacuum operation, which makes it possible to perform complex processes, such as vacuum drying after coating, in a single machine. An optional chopper avoids the formation of lumps. Options include spray systems for adding fluids, double-jackets for temperature control, electrically heated lids and surfaces, and more. — MTI Mischtechnik International GmbH, Detmold, Germany