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Monitor reformer-tube temperatures in realtime

| By Chemical Engineering



The near-infrared borescope NIR-B 3XR (photo) delivers continuous, high-accuracy reformer-tube-wall temperature (TWT) measurement, furnace optimization and monitoring, giving operators the ability to measure temperature point data and to store this data for future analysis. Operating with a wide-angle field of view (90 deg) and a high-resolution image, the NIR-B 3XR allows multiple reformer tubes to be imaged and measured simultaneously. That capability is critical to extending asset life and maximizing efficiency, as a –10°C measurement error over time can result in either 1% lost productivity, while a +10°C error can result in a 25% reduction in tube life. The NIR-B 3XR’s advanced digital-communications capabilities mean that both image and data can be viewed in realtime from the safety of the control room. During startup, burners that are not operating correctly can be quickly identified and the effect of impinging flames can be seen, helping to optimize performance and reduce downtime. — Ametek Land, Dronfield, U.K.