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This monitoring platform has built-in cybersecurity

| By Chemical Engineering

Bently Nevada

The Orbit 60 Series (photo) is a next-generation condition-monitoring and protection platform that collects and processes data to evaluate machine health. It is said to be the first intrinsically cyber-secure machinery-monitoring platform with a built-in data diode, which enables secure one-way data transfer from the device to this company’s System 1 machinery-management software for proactive monitoring and diagnostics. This platform offers 80 dynamic data channels, compared to the industry average of 50, with 1,200 times higher signal-processing power in a small physical footprint, says the manufacturer. The Orbit 60 system is certified to safety integrity levels (SIL) 2 and 3, and is compliant with API 670 standards. — Bently Nevada, LLC, a business of Baker Hughes, a GE Company, Minden, Nev.