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More control optimizes these pellet mills

| By Gerald Ondrey

The new, electronic automatic pellet-mill control system, EAPR (photo), enables this company’s machines to operate optimally with low manpower requirements and long service lives. EAPR enables optimum automatic operation of all flat-die pellet mills. It consists of a local control cabinet with touch panel and an intuitive software user interface. Once the process parameters have been specified, the EAPR controls the fully automatic operation, including error and alarm messages, as well as system diagnostics. For more control, an intelligent automatic gap control, called Distamat, enables a predefined roller gap to be precisely maintained for optimum production results. The constant gap between the pan grinder roller and the die is essential for pellet quality and stable operation. The system not only increases the pellet quality, but also offers a high degree of automation, which results in less maintenance work during operation. — Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG, Reinbek, Germany