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Chemical Engineering

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Multi-stage condenser for cracking organic waste material

| By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey

The multi-stage TV-200 condenser (photo) was designed to separate biowaste materials produced during an anaerobic process known as pyrolysis, which applies heat to break down organic waste into biopolymer components. Each stage of the TV-200 cools the deconstructed biopolymers, which condense at varying temperatures, separating tars, phenols and organic acids. With the TV-200 condenser, what was waste material can now be recycled as biofuel to supplement power, carbon products used in fertilizer or filter media and acetic acids used in commercial products. Because oxygen is not present in pyrolysis, no additional CO2 is generated, and carbon products are not released back into the atmosphere. The assembly includes a custom mounting frame and instrument ports to monitor the performance at each stage. — Xchanger, Hopkins, Minn.