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Neutralize static in film and sheet production

| By Chemical Engineering



This company’s Ionizing Air Knives (photo) neutralize static that can attract dust and contaminants, and stop static discharges that can damage electronic equipment and shock personnel. With this technology, a static neutralizing bar generates positively and negatively charged ions, which are carried to the target by a uniform sheet of amplified air. The air amplifiers use a small amount of filtered, compressed air to deliver a powerful, high-velocity sheet of laminar air over wide areas. This design produces increased thrust and velocity, reduced noise and uniformity, making Ionizing Air Knives suitable for moving webs, films, sheets, strips and other assemblies and objects. Airflow can be adjusted per specific application requirements. Ionizing Air Knives are available in 6-, 12-, 18- and 24-in. lengths. A single¼-in. NPT compressed-air inlet will feed up to a 12-in. length, and two inlets will accommodate longer models. — Vortec, Cincinnati, Ohio