New 80-GHz radar level transmitters are also compact

By Chemical Engineering |

Siemens Digital Industries

The new Sitrans LR100 series 80 GHz radar transmitters (photo) are compact instruments with a narrow beam for flexible installations in existing vessel openings or even non-intrusively through plastic vessels. The transmitters’ 80-GHz frequency delivers robust, reliable measurements even in challenging environments, such as those with vapors, condensation, turbulence or solids, says the company. The custom microchip technology delivers fast response and extremely high sensitivity to detect even the weakest of signals, the company adds. The series consists of three products: Sitrans LR100 for basic measurement to 8 m; Sitrans LR110 with communication and hazardous approvals options and range to 15 m; and Sitrans LR120 with communication (longest range to 30 m) and optional submergence shield for flooding protection. — Siemens Digital Industries, Nuremberg, Germany



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