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A new actuator for hygienic applications

| By Gerald Ondrey

Samson AG

Samson AG

The new Type 3379 Pneumatic Actuator is tailored to the requirements of hygienic applications. All moving parts are contained in a housing with a smooth stainless-steel finish, making it easy to clean. The internal air-routing prevents dirt or water from entering the actuator. Together with the new Type 3724 Positioner and the company’s diaphragm or angle valves, the actuator forms a compact automated unit with components that are perfectly tailored to one another. The travel is reliably measured by a non-contact magnetoresistive sensor in the positioner. The two software limit contacts indicate when the valve travel exceeds or falls below an adjustable switching value. After automatic initialization, operation is intuitive using three keys. Navigation within the menu on the display has been adopted from the company’s Series 3730 Positioners. — Samson AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany