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New analyzers measure binary gas sorption

| By Chemical Engineering

Hiden Isochema

The IGA-003-MC (photo) is a turnkey system for binary gas sorption that features a gravimetric analyzer, coupled mass spectrometer and an optimized gas-delivery and sampling system. Measuring multicomponent gas sorption equilibria is essential to characterize and assess adsorbents for many applications, such as nitrogen and oxygen production from air, natural gas upgrading and hydrogen purification. According to the manufacturer, IGA-003-MC analyzers provide faster measurements than traditional multicomponent sorption methods while requiring a much smaller sample size — usually just a few grams of material. The IGA-003-MC uses the recently developed Integral Mass Balance (IMB) sorption-analysis technique, which is unique to the IGA-003-MC product line. In the IMB method, a controlled gas mixture flows over a sample suspended from the IGA microbalance, and the gas composition at the outlet is determined using a mass spectrometer. Inlet flowrates and outlet gas composition are then combined with in-situ gravimetric data to calculate the partial uptake of each gas, as well as the total mass uptake, as a function of gas composition. — Hiden Isochema Ltd., Warrington, U.K.